Why Are Roofing Estimates All Different?

There are THREE cost factors to every estimate: Materials, Labor and Debris Removal.

What You Should Know By Looking at Your Estimate

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Roofing can work with whatever shingles you would like installed. Most shingles have a “limited lifetime” warranty, but they will start proration after 10 years. We feel that, after working with many different kinds, CertainTeed has the best quality shingle and warranty to offer. Our website has a lot of information to educate yourself as a homeowner! We invite you to take the time to visit PremiumRoofingLLC.com!

Building codes state that the ice & water barrier must extend 2 feet past an inside wall. So for a typical house with 1 foot overhangs, three feet would be sufficient. However, Premium Roofing has decided to install at least 6 feet of ice & water as our standard for all heated structures. We don’t like to take chances with these Michigan winters!

There are intake and outtake ventilation systems. Intake systems include soffit vents or gable vents. Outtake systems include ridge vents or can vents. The proper system depends on each individual house. Premium Roofing will take the time to analyze your house and quote you with the best system for you!

It is important to protect yourself by making sure the company you hire is legitimate. Premium Roofing gives you a copy of our licenses and insurances in your estimate folder!

There usually is not. Wood replacement is the main component of unexpected costs. You cannot see the roof decking until the shingles are torn off; but if there is rotten wood, it must be replaced. Premium Roofing does not like to differ our invoice cost from our contract price. But if there must be wood replaced, our contract shows you clearly what to expect. We also notify you as soon as possible after realizing that an extra cost will be involved.

Some companies require down payments; some do not. Premium Roofing is a well-established company who would like you to be happy with the finished project before requiring payment in full!

As a local, family-owned company we would appreciate the opportunity to serve you!
Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions when comparing estimates! We would like to make sure you are getting the quality roof you desire! Premium Roofing would like to earn your business!
Your best choice is Premium Roofing LLC!