Here at Premium Roofing we use only the highest quality products on the market today. We know that next to having the best installers, quality materials are a must. Your roof is only as good as the quality of installation and the quality of materials. And remember, a good product is only as good as its warranty. Although Premium Roofing can offer and install any shingle on the market today, we have found that CertainTeed manufactures the top asphalt shingle and can offer the top warranties available.

Premium Roofing also offers installation of the best flat roof material on the market today. Again, although we can offer and install any flat roof product, we believe that the Duro-Last roofing system is the most weather-resistant and offers the best warranty. Click here to learn more about these great products!


The Integrity Roofing System

  • Leak Barrier (Ice & Water) – Waterproofing shingle underlayment prevents leaks from wind-driven rain and ice dams in vulnerable areas.
  • Roof Deck Protection (Felt Paper) – High-performance underlayment provides a protective water-resistant layer over the roof deck and a secondary barrier against leaks.
  • Quality Shingles – CertainTeed manufactures high-quality asphalt roofing shingles in a wide variety of styles and colors for residential applications, covered by the strongest warranty in the business.  Asphalt roofing shingles are the most commonly used residential roofing products in the market.  There are three major categories of roofing shingles including strip roofing shingles, dimensional roofing shingles and premium roofing shingles.
    • Strip shingles are the most basic of residential roofing products available in the market.  They are single layered roofing shingles that are generally designed to look like slate.  CertainTeed manufactures strip shingles under the product names CT™ 20, XT™ 25, and XT™ 30.
    • Dimensional roofing shingles typically are heavier weight than strip roofing shingles.  They are manufactured as dual-layered products or multi-layered in the case of CertainTeed’s tri-laminate technology. CertainTeed manufactures the Landmark™ Series Roofing Shingle as an example of a dimensional roofing shingle
    • Premium roofing shingles are typically laminated and provide enhanced aesthetics and an increased design element.  CertainTeed manufactures Grand Manor™, Presidential Shake™ TL, and Centennial Slate™.
  • Attic Ventilation – The first stage in effective ventilation is getting the hot air out. That’s the main function of exhaust vents. After the hot air leaves or diminishes, the cool air moves in to create balance through intake vents.
    • ShingleVent II ridge vent installs on the peak of the roof allowing exhaust ventilation all along the roofline — end-to-end.  Design features include an external baffle and internal weather filter for optimum airflow and weather protection. Changes in wind direction have no significant effect on vent performance.  Less than an inch in height, this molded, high-impact copolymer shingle-over ridge vent permits capping of the ridge with shingles like the rest of the roof.  The vent is installed across the ridge of the roof. The vent is 12″ wide so that matching shingles can be installed over the vent, allowing the vent to appear almost invisible from the ground. Available in black, brown, gray and charcoal.
    • Ridge vents must have an external baffle to deflect weather away from the attic and to create low pressure over the vent openings to help pull air out of the attic.  With all roofs, install ridge vents along the entire length of ridge for best performance and appearance.
    • Intake vents must be installed to provide proper airflow.  For intake venting, continuous soffit vents install in your soffit or eave areas.  Available in aluminum or PVC, these vents are 2″ by 96″ long and provide 9 square inches of net free area per linear foot.
  • Protective Ridge-Cap Shingles – Accessory shingles are used to finish the hips and ridges of a residential roof and carry the same warranty as the shingles they are applied over.  There are a number of options designed to complement the appearance of shingles while providing the same level of protection and durability.

The Best Flat Roofing System

Duro-Last’s custom-prefabricated, reinforced, PVC roofing system is ideal for any flat or low-sloped application. Extremely durable and easily installed by authorized contractors without disruption to daily operations, the Duro-Last single-ply roofing system is also leak-proof, resistant to chemicals, fire and high winds, and virtually maintenance-free. Over a billion square feet of the Duro-Last PVC roofing system membrane have been installed on all types of commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings throughout North America.

Prefabrication of Duro-Last’s PVC roof membrane not only reduces the material waste associated with the installation of most rolled systems, it also eliminates 80-85% of the typical on-site, labor-intensive seaming required for other single-ply roofing systems. The Duro-Last roofing system also comes complete with all accessories included.

Every Duro-Last single-ply roof is measured and manufactured to exact size, accommodating every rooftop penetration. Prefabricating the vinyl roof membrane in our controlled factory environment eliminates up to 85% of seaming that is done on-site during rooftop installation, and improves the long-term performance of the roofing system. This precise attention to detail ensures an excellent fit and delivers worry-free, leak-proof protection. Duro-Last can even assist your architect, facilities or maintenance personnel in developing specifications for your roofing project.

The Duro-Last roofing system, made from a PVC membrane, is resistant to fire, chemicals, grease, high winds, and punctures, and easily accommodates wide temperature extremes. Duro-Last’s custom flashing components – made from the same vinyl roof membrane as our deck material – resist ponding water and help solve roof problems before they can occur. Plus with Duro-Last’s available Roof-Trak® Protective Walkway System, heavy equipment and maintenance traffic are easily managed.

Building occupants will hardly know a new roof is being applied, because installation is quiet and safe. Our PVC roof membrane is mechanically-attached to the deck; edges and vinyl roof components are heat-welded together to complete the watertight, monolithic roofing system installation. There are no loud machines, no hazardous materials, no noxious fumes, no hot tar, and no mess. Because it’s made from lightweight vinyl, a new Duro-Last roofing system can often be installed over an existing roof without an expensive tear-off, virtually eliminating dust or falling debris that could interfere with building activities or damage sensitive equipment.

PVC roofing systems make an important contribution to sustainable buildings, and Duro-Last is proud to be a charter partner in the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Roof Products Program. Duro-Last is a leader in cool roofing solutions, and our Cool Zone® brand addresses the growing nationwide interest in sustainable roofing systems.

Of the white, single-ply products rated by the ENERGY STAR program, only the Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system has retained reflectivity of greater than 85% after three years of weathering (based on ENERGY STAR roof products testing criteria). The high sustained reflectivity delivered by our white PVC roofing membrane is saving significant energy and money for building owners all over the United States.

From lowering a building’s energy consumption to helping facilities obtain LEED® credits to reducing the urban heat island effect, the Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system is a leading sustainable building product.

Duro-Last is so confident in the durability of our single-ply vinyl roofing systems that we protect commercial and industrial installations with the best warranties in the industry. Our standard, comprehensive 15-year full warranty is transferable, has no exclusions for ponding water, and provides coverage against consequential damages that result from defects in the Duro-Last PVC material. Duro-Last also has 20-year warranties available.