Contract Overview

Here is a look at our basic contract, please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Work to be completed:

  • Tear off and remove old roof: 1 layer, ___ square.
  • Install new CertainTeed Landmark Limited Lifetime color shingles, ___ square. Install starter strips at all eaves and rakes.
  • Install new CertainTeed Shadow Ridge cap shingles.
  • Secure all shingles with 1 ¼” nails.
  • Install 6 feet ice & water barrier on all eaves above living space; 3 feet on all other areas.
  • Install ice & water barrier on all valleys.
  • Install synthetic underlayment on all bare wood of roof.
  • Install new 1 ½” drip edge at all eaves and rakes.
  • Install new ridge vent.
  • Install new pipe flashings.
  • Install new flashing at all walls and chimneys where needed.
  • Tear up and replace all bad OSB or plywood roof decking, $45.00 per sheet; 3 sheets included.
  • Clean gutters of all debris.
  • Cover all decks and landscape with tarps.
  • Large debris to be cleaned up by the end of each day;
  • Detailed clean up to be done at job completion; use magnet rake to rake up nails.
  • Five year warranty on all labor.
  • Premium Roofing is not responsible for any mold growth in attic or on roof.
  • Price includes one 20 yard dumpster.
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